The Tajty Hotel

is located on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Wilkasy, only 3 km from Giżycko
only 3 km from Giżycko, next to the peaceful Tajty lake, which is a part of Wielkie Jeziora Mazurskie system. The closeness of nature, fresh air and the possibility of visiting interesting monuments – they’ll help you to rest and enjoy your free time.

The Tajty Hotel offers also a

beautiful terrace, beach, a restaurant, an inn, ropes course, yacht charters, a sushi bar, a sauna, a scooter rental, a gym, snooker, a farm and many more attractions. We also offer leisure activities for children: a trampoline, a playground and inflatable slides.

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We take pride in our cuisine

which is based on local products. You will for sure enjoy our meals! 

We offer accommodation for 100 people in 45 single or double rooms. On the premises of the hotel there’s free access to WIFI and a huge parking lot.

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